What Are People Saying?

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Jim Smith both as a prospective employer as well as a professional seeking a new career opportunity. I can say, without hesitation, that he has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. He doesn’t view the hiring process as being a sporting event (“winning at all costs”); instead, he knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” proposition. Again, from both perspectives (employer and employee), his efforts have consistently paid off for me in durable beneficial relationships” 

Ross S. – Senior R&D Manager

My experience with Jim as my recruiter was exceptional! Jim dedicated his time to truly understand my career goals and the details of what I was seeking in my next profession. I am extremely impressed with his responsiveness throughout the process. Despite other responsibilities I’m sure he had on his plate, it felt I was his number one priority. The amount of tips, advice, and support he provided was enlightening. Jim helped in expediting my interview process by maintaining ongoing communication between the employer and I. During the decision making process between offers, Jim provided me with factual, unbiased information and thoughts for me to reflect on to help guide me through the options, even when not in his best personal interest to do so. He guided me solely to outweigh what would be best for my personal and professional objectives. Ultimately, Jim made the best possible connection for me and I now work at an amazing company. Jim was my guardian angel every step of the way and crucial in me finding my ideal workplace. Thank you Jim!

Melissa V. – R&D Project Engineer

“Katie is one of the best recruiters I have worked with throughout my career. She found an exciting role which matched my skills and experience, and was professional and extremely helpful throughout the recruitment process. I know that she had my best interests in mind and will definitely be happy to direct others who are also seeking MedTech job opportunities to reach out to her and Cambridge Recruiters.”

Cheng I. – Senior R&D Engineer

“I knew that Jim was a high caliber recruiter immediately after speaking with him about my career goals for the first time. Prior to meeting him I had never considered going through a recruiter, but his unique blend of honesty in everything he communicates, expertise in the medical device arena, and overall genuine nature convinced me to give it a go. Jim took all of the inputs and preferences that I gave him into consideration when combing through his network and searching for an ideal position for me, and even made some moves that weren’t the most beneficial for him because he wanted me to have as many options as possible. He provided excellent advice while I was interviewing and skillfully helped me navigate through the negotiation process after obtaining multiple offers. I could not have found such a great placement without his help and I look forward to working with him in the future.

I would recommend Jim to all medical device engineers who want an expert and trustworthy recruiting professional in their corner.”

Hyung P. – R&D Engineer

“Jim listened to every need and helped me find a company with the best fit. We were successful in attaining the desired job title, salary, and improvement on the commute.

He helped me source and prepare for interviews by providing insight & technical knowledge on the positions. He was very responsive, thoughtful, attentive to detail and kept me informed every step of the way. He helped me understand the areas I needed improvement on and how to improve. Jim has a vast industry expertise and knowledge of medical devices, plus he understood everything said on phone calls without having to clarify or repeat concepts.”

Kevin Y. – Sr. Quality Engineer

“I’ve known Jim for more than 10 years now. He’s very knowledgeable and well connected in the medical device industry. When matching you to a job opportunity, he always looks out for your well-being, not just on a personal level but also on a career growth level, which is rare to find in a recruiter. His honesty and professionalism are the reasons why I always refer him to my colleagues.”

R. Arcia, R&D Project Manager

“Jim is a highly effective recruiter. Coming from Canada, I wanted to grow my career and find opportunities in Silicon Valley. His in-depth knowledge of the medical device industry helped me broaden my horizon in terms of job opportunities. He understood my goals and provided insightful advice from the tailoring of my CV to the negotiation of multiple offers. With his help, I got the desired position, salary and location within a month. I had a great experience working with Jim and have already recommended him to my colleges and friends.”

Jerome A.-C, Senior R&D Engineer

Jim placed me in my current Engineering position. When I first met Jim, he separated himself from the other recruiters by his interest in fitting me into the right position, not just another job. Jim puts that extra personal touch of getting to know the people he’s working with (both on the company side and for the potential employee side) to make sure that the match is a value to both parties in the employment search and a good work environment/cultural fit. I very much appreciated working with Jim and his attention to detail and meeting my needs in finding a working environment that I can thrive in socially and professionally.

Nadia K.-Manufacturing Engineer

Today’s business climate is challenging. With countless people looking for their next opportunity, it takes special skills and insights to understand how to navigate the career landscape while looking for the next great thing. I have worked with Jim (Smith) for several years now. He and his firm have helped me find amazing jobs in some of the most innovative companies. As a startup engineer having worked full time with more than 25 startups, my particular career requires someone with the greatest connections and insights to find the best fit. Cambridge Recruiters is one such organization. They put their clients first, and the search for a great next job as a priority. Jim is a true expert at what he does, and always ensures that both client and employer are more than happy with their outcome. I have trusted Jim for years, and have several successful startup companies to show for it. Experience, insight, and a professional attitude is Jim’s winning combination. I highly recommend Jim to do his magic for you and your career…

Gil S.-Principal R&D Engineer