Melissa V. – R&D Project Engineer

My experience with Jim as my recruiter was exceptional! Jim dedicated his time to truly understand my career goals and the details of what I was seeking in my next profession. I am extremely impressed with his responsiveness throughout the process. Despite other responsibilities I’m sure he had on his plate, it felt I was his number one priority. The amount of tips, advice, and support he provided was enlightening. Jim helped in expediting my interview process by maintaining ongoing communication between the employer and I. During the decision making process between offers, Jim provided me with factual, unbiased information and thoughts for me to reflect on to help guide me through the options, even when not in his best personal interest to do so. He guided me solely to outweigh what would be best for my personal and professional objectives. Ultimately, Jim made the best possible connection for me and I now work at an amazing company. Jim was my guardian angel every step of the way and crucial in me finding my ideal workplace. Thank you Jim!