Gil S. – Principal R&D Engineer

“Today’s business climate is challenging. With countless people looking for their next opportunity, it takes special skills and insights to understand how to navigate the career landscape while looking for the next great thing. I have worked with Jim (Smith) for several years now. He and his firm have helped me find amazing jobs in some of the most innovative companies. As a startup engineer having worked full time with more than 25 startups, my particular career requires someone with the greatest connections and insights to find the best fit. Cambridge Recruiters is one such organization. They put their clients first, and the search for a great next job as a priority. Jim is a true expert at what he does, and always ensures that both client and employer are more than happy with their outcome. I have trusted Jim for years, and have several successful startup companies to show for it. Experience, insight, and a professional attitude is Jim’s winning combination. I highly recommend Jim to do his magic for you and your career…”